Carole Wenger






Carole joined the LACC Foundation staff as Director of Development and Alumni Relations March 2016 following a very successful and rewarding career as Director of Development for major and annual giving at USC and UCLA.   Carole’s tenure at Prudential Insurance Company, Inc. as an Associate for Strategic Planning and Marketing, well-positioned her to successfully sell and market brands, products and causes. With a strong passion to help others and better our world, Carole loves to meet new people and establish lasting relationships for the greater good.

Carole plans to engage alumni, current students, community and civic leaders, friends of the College, College faculty and staff, corporations, foundations, businesses and more. Her goal is twofold: to raise awareness about all that LACC offers to its students and the citizens of Los Angeles, and, to secure funding to increase and refine educational opportunities at the College. Also, she endeavors to increase the student body population through various marketing and public relations outreach efforts. She is committed to fulfilling the educational needs and desires of foster youth, veterans, underserved populations, and students with disabilities, to name a few.

Carole resides in Los Angeles with her husband and 3 daughters. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.