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Joanna Kerr on set

My LACC Story: From Dream Career to Reality

Growing up in Sydney, Australia, Los Angeles was a far-away mythical place where all the beautiful movie stars lived and films that shaped my life came from. After graduating high school, I had the opportunity to take a two year working holiday in the UK and was lucky enough to start working in a trade association for Television Rights. Once my time in the UK ran out I knew that the next step was Film School and to learn...

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Witnessing the Battle of the Hawk: An LACC Veteran’s Story

On the morning of October 11, 1972, his first day in the United States Navy, David Almond stepped foot onto the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk bound for Vietnam. David had no idea that within his first 24 hours he would witness the Navy’s first race riot aboard a warship. The son of a preacher, David Almond was just 17 and fresh out of L.A. High School when he enlisted in the Navy, inspired by his sister’s work as an Army...

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Donor Spotlight: Palmer Langdon

In 1952, a young man took an electronics class at LACC, taught by Professor Nathan Eisen. The young man found that his life and career path were changed forever after taking that class. Sixty-two years later, that young man, alumnus Palmer Langdon, decided to establish an endowed scholarship for computer technology students in honor of that professor who inspired him, by creating the Nathan Eisen Computer Technology Scholarship. Professor Eisen taught electronics and physics at LACC from 1946 to...

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New Sculpture Welcomed To LACC Campus

On Tuesday, January 13th, the Los Angeles City College community gathered as LACC Foundation honored alumnus Steve Lebowitz and his wife Debi for generously donating LACC’s first piece of public art through the Steven and Deborah Lebowitz Foundation. Jeffery Laudenslager is the artist of the 20-foot kinetic sculpture entitled “Ripples Basho,” in honor of famous Japanese poet Matsuo Bashō who was known for haikus. The poem that inspired this piece is “an ancient pond / a frog jumps in...

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Alumni Spotlight: Edika Amin

Throughout my childhood, I was constantly moving. All in all, I have lived on three continents spanning more than five different countries. I was born in France, raised in Vietnam and then I started my early education in the United States. I went on to continue my schooling in Malaysia and Croatia before returning to the United States in 2011. Although on the surface it may seem like a privileged life, constantly moving meant that my life was completely...

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Donor Spotlight: Alumnus Leonard Roth Creates Nursing Scholarship

Los Angeles City College (LACC) Foundation is excited to announce a new scholarship for LACC nursing students — made possible through the generosity of LACC alumnus, Leonard Roth, and his wife, JoAnn. Len and JoAnn decided to create a Nursing Scholarship to honor this critical field of study as it is their belief that the nursing profession needs to attract more students. This endowed scholarship will ensure that every spring, a second-year nursing student will receive the financial support...

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Alumnus Donates LACC’s First Piece of Public Art

LACC alumnus Steve Lebowitz ’60, along with his wife, Debi, have donated a 20-foot-tall kinetic sculpture to Los Angeles City College, which was erected in LACC’s main quad on December 6th. The sculpture, entitled “Ripples,” is a piece by artist Jeffery Laudenslager. “One of the main goals of our foundation — the Steven & Deborah Lebowitz Foundation — is to promote public art,” said Steve. “I am focused on institutions that have provided me with unique personal opportunities: LACC...

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Dylan Wilkerson

Alumni Spotlight: Dylan Wilkerson

During the second semester of my senior year, I walked away from Community High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan and never returned. At that time I saw no purpose in formal education. Although I had spent the majority of the time with my face buried in the pages of a book, I believed that I didn’t need some busybody teacher to tell me what to do. I wanted to work, earn money, and spend my free time educating myself....

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2014 LACC Foundation Gala Photos

Thank all of you who joined us for the Los Angeles City College Foundation Gala! We were privileged to celebrate four remarkable individuals: David and Merryl Alpert, Steve Lebowitz and Dr. Lula Ballton. We were also thrilled to have the opportunity to recognize Jeanne Pritzker for her ongoing support of our Guardian Scholars program for emancipated foster youth. The evening was hosted by Geraldo Rivera and chaired by the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Ned Colletti. We thank them, our corporate...

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2014-10-21 Gerald Rivers Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight: Gerald Rivers, the voice of MLK, Jr.

Acting has always been in Gerald’s blood. After high school, while traveling with a troupe of actors, Gerald started speaking the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. Fast forward to today where Gerald is known nationally as the voice of MLK, Jr., travelling the world sharing Dr. King’s sermons and speeches. In addition to the numerous outreach and speaking engagements throughout the U.S., Gerald is also a master West African drummer and instructor, an esteemed member of the Will...

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