Endow a Scholarship

There are 20,000 reasons to create a scholarship and each one of them has a dream. Scholarship support is the most meaningful way for alumni and friends of the college to have a direct impact on the educational experience of LACC students. More than 50 percent of LACC students rely on financial assistance and the generosity of scholarship donors.

By creating an endowed scholarship with a minimum donation of $10,000, supporters invest in the futures of dedicated and deserving LACC students. Donors can determine the type of students they want to support (outstanding scholars, science majors, English majors, single parents, future educators, etc.) and specify the criteria (grade point average, number of units needed, area of study, underserved population, etc.). Scholarship support is critical to many of the best and brightest students at LACC. By investing in these students, donors can make a difference in their lives and help them reach their academic goals.

If donors prefer, they can create a named award with a minimum annual contribution (for five consecutive years) of $500. This includes the options noted above to specify criteria.

Click here for a copy of the Scholarship Creation Form. 

For more information, call (323) 953-4011 or email info@laccfoundation.org