Endowment Funds

Designate a Legacy

LACC Foundation can preserve the vibrant and dynamic programs established at Los Angeles City College into perpetuity because of donors like you. Your gift through William Henry Snyder Giving Society, dedicated to one of the following funds, will assure a focused and lasting impact for generations —a legacy that will always endure.

Department Fund
Create an endowment to support the department of your choice. You can create a dedicated fund to help provide necessary equipment and supplies for a specific department. While LACC’s budget is largely funded through state resources, it falls short on providing the latest technology and equipment to our deserving students.

Endowed department funds may be initiated with a minimum gift of $10,000 and a signed application. Once approved, a memorandum of agreement outlining the terms of the endowed scholarship will be sent to the establisher for their signature. Endowed department funds are frequently funded by gifts of cash, but they may also be funded by transfers of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, and other types of property. Gifts toward endowed scholarships may also be made by bequest.

Guardian Scholars
The Guardian Scholars Program, for current and former foster youth, assist more than 125 foster youth each semester in achieving academic success through specialized orientations, independent living skills classes, academic advisement, preparing financial aid forms, university and college applications, internship, and housing forms. Most importantly, students receive tutoring in a number of disciplines, with most focusing on Math and English.

Foster youth who have been in numerous foster homes have serious knowledge gaps because they have attended many different schools; specialized tutoring helps them achieve college readiness and succeed in mainstream classes. By providing counseling, support and specialized assistance to current and former foster youth—one of the most marginalized segments of American society—the Guardian Scholars Program staff and LACC campus liaisons are making a difference in the lives of young adults who were once abandoned, neglected and/or abused.

Through existing financial assistance, the efforts of the Veterans Resource Center (VRC) and substantial support from LACC Foundation, veterans at LACC are achieving extraordinary results. Veterans are more than twice as likely as non-veteran students to take a full course load. They persist in their educational pursuits at much higher rates than non-veteran students with 72% persisting from semester to semester (vs. 59% for non-veterans) and 58% persisting from year to year (vs. 46% for non-veterans).

This higher level of success exists despite the fact that many veterans have physical and psychological disabilities that create an additional barrier to persistence. The efforts of the VRC and LACC Foundation in enhancing the success of LACC’s students who are veterans is most dramatic when viewed within the context of an estimated 50% level of homelessness for this segment of the student population.

Help make a difference in the lives of those who have served our country.

STEM Academy
The STEM Academy, is a student support program modeled on MESA for LACC students who plan to transfer in a STEM major. Student members of the STEM Academy can access advanced STEM tutoring, STEM academic and career advising, technical and professional skills workshops, the fabrication lab, STEM jobs, internships, research projects, and technical project teams. Your donation can ensure the perpetuity of this vital program and provide modern resources and equipment for students to enhance their knowledge and perfect their skills.

Textbook Voucher Fund
For students who juggle multiple responsibilities—school, family, and work—attendance at LACC is their best hope for financial stability for themselves and their families. While LACC is inexpensive relative to other institutions of higher education, the costs of tuition and books is often unattainable for its students, the vast majority of whom come from underserved communities in Los Angeles. Your contribution to this vital program can ensure students access to books, as prices continue to rise.

Your financial advisor or attorney, along with the LACC Foundation, can help find the right choice for you. For more information, contact Carole Wenger, Director of Alumni Relations and Development at (323) 953-4011.