Gail Scanlan







Gail Scanlan has extensive experience in all areas of nonprofit fundraising. During the last seven years at Los Angeles City College Foundation, she has been inspired by the students who face adversity and obstacles every day in earning a degree or certificate. This motivates her to look for resources that help students in their dedicated perseverance to change their lives and those of their families through education. Whether raising funds for veterans who struggle with traumatic brain injuries, PTSD, or other physical wounds, or foster youth who work to overcome their difficult pasts in order to have a stable future, there is something to be learned by researching their particular needs. This also applies to learning and physically disabled students who benefit from assistive equipment and technologies. From the 70% of students who are very low income, many of whom apply for scholarships, grants and book loans, she has learned a great deal about poverty and the effects of generational poverty on individuals and families. Every foundation grant, scholarship endowment, major and annual fund gift makes a significant difference in the lives of students who strive to make each day better than the one before.