LACC Math Club: AMATYC contest

The American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (AMATYC) contest was held last Friday, 11/03/17 at LACC in Franklin Hall 112. The AMATYC is an annual competition consisting of two tests, one in November and one in March. Get to know LACC’s Math Scholars:

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Edward Jin (student in blue, far right) is an 11th grader at Beckman High in Irvine and is also taking differential equations on Saturdays at LACC.



Chitsein Htun and Han Htun (son and father). Chitsen is an 8th grader at LACES (an LAUSD magnet school not far from LACC) and is also taking trigonometry at LACC.



LACC students discussing questions from the AMATYC test.



LACC Professor Vin Lee, the LACC AMATYC team coach, Dr. Anatoliy Nikolaychuk; and LACC Professor Roger Wolf



Jonathan Luo (far left), an 11th grader at LACES and also a student in Prof. Vin Lee’s Saturday Linear Algebra class; Jonathan’s mother, Lei Wang; Han and Chitsein Htun

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