Light Pole Banner Series: Rose Rumyan

Rose Rumyan was born a few blocks away from LACC at Kaiser Hospital in East Hollywood.  Both of her parents went to college in Armenia for the sciences and her grandfather was a professor of engineering who starting teaching her calculus at the age of three.  From a young age, Rose developed an interest in math and science.

Being a competitive student in high school, Rose wanted to attend UC Riverside after graduating high school but decided to attend LACC with the encouragement from her mother and high school guidance counselor. Although LACC was not her first choice, Rose grew to love the school and the opportunities it afforded her.  For one, she came to LACC with a full ride thanks to the President’s Scholar Program.  Additionally, she has become involved in several activities on campus including tutoring for TRIO, working for Peer to Peer Mentoring, and becoming a Program Assistant for the STEM program.  She also serves as Vice President of the Biology Club.

Through her classes and activities, Rose created relationships with other academically minded students who constantly push her to do better.  LACC allowed Rose to meet Mayor Garcetti and be part of the light pole banner campaign.  Next semester, Rose plans to transfer to a UC and study biology with intentions of pursuing a career in medicine. She plans to study general medicine but realizes that may change once she begins rotations in medical school.

Rose is just one example of a student who has excelled during her time at LACC.  We look forward to showcasing other students like Rose who can be seen around campus on the new light pole banners.


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