Corporate Partners

Corporate philanthropy, are not two mutually exclusive words. LACC Foundation strives to ensure that our partners’ Corporate Social Responsibility goals are met through corporate philanthropic investing.  As cultivators of your upcoming workforce, LACC seeks your investment in our students.

Some areas of corporate investing are:

Corporate Foundation

This is the nonprofit arm of the corporation which usually provides funding for projects in form of a grant.  These projects that meet corporate pillars or strategic priorities have a formal process for proposal submissions.

Corporate Sponsorships

This is usually one-time funding for the purpose of marketing and exposure of your corporation at events such as galas, career fairs, or meetings.  Typically this funding is possible through recruitment or marketing budgets.

Corporate Employee Giving

Many corporations offer matching opportunities for employees who donate to a nonprofit or rewards employee volunteerism.

Corporate Philanthropic Partnership

LACCF wants to explore a more philanthropic and meaningful partnership with our corporate partners. This is the truest form of a partnership where we have the opportunity to engage your corporation with our college community, while creating impact through philanthropic giving.  You not only invest in the LACCF, but you also have the opportunity to provide industry expertise via meetings with faculty, college and district leadership.

Diversity and Inclusion

LACC is the most diverse community college of all nine campuses which produces the diversity that corporations need to bridge their opportunity gaps.


In addition to the vast number of degrees and certificate programs offered, LACC works with middle schools and high schools to begin early career development.  These students may be eligible to receive college credit while still enrolled in middle or high school, which may provide them with a head start to their post-secondary education.


LACC works on the development of workforce/career pathways where we partner with industry to ensure that the curriculum meets the needs of industry standards


LACC creates opportunities for industry experts to participate as guest speakers or as a panelist.


Contact us to learn more about developing corporate philanthropic investment strategy to support your company’s goals.