Light Pole Banner Series: Ale Eckleberry

Ale always had an interest for the arts; she just wasn’t quite sure what she wanted to do until she started taking classes at LACC. Ale grew up in Los Angeles, not far from LACC, with her parents and two brothers.  Her dad, an architect, and her mom, a painter, sparked her artistic side and encouraged her to do well in school, which led her to skip a grade level and graduate from high school when she was 16.

Ale always knew she wanted to go to college but wasn’t ready to go off to a 4-year university directly after high school so she set her sights on LACC.  Ale joined the President’s Scholar program and started taking classes in technical theatre.  After a semester of classes, Ale realized that she was not passionate about theater so she changed her major to art with a focus on sculpting.  When asked about a future career in art, Ale confidently answered that she wants open an elementary school with art based learning.  She decided on this career path after working as an art teacher at an elementary school, where she noticed that the children retained information at higher rates when art was incorporated with other subjects.  In order to achieve her goals, Ale plans to attend UCLA or CSUN for Elementary Education.

LACC helped Ale realize what she wanted to do.  The financial support that Ale received from the President’s Scholar Program allowed her to explore different majors without having to commit to a certain major right away. When Ale saw her banner, she started jumping and screaming out of excitement.  We are happy that Ale could be part of the LACC banner campaign.


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